Don't Count On My Vote

Free Wrist Bands 

I will send you a free pair of Wrist bands to the first 100 people who will post to a blog on our site or will post a letter you have sent or will be sending to any of your elected officials. 

Submit Letters to include your name & mailing address along with the letter(s). I will not post your full name address if you do not want it posted. However, I would like to post first name, city & state.

If you post a blog, then sign into the guest book with your name & mailing address if you would like to a pair of wristbands. You are able to mark the guestbook as a private entry if you like. Or you can send an email to request the wristbands after your blog.

Please include a first name, City & State in your blog if you do not want to publish your full name & address.

Your Fellow Patriots thank you for vocalizing your opinion to those in power that needs to hear you!

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