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To United States Senator (for your state)

Please Vote "No" on Universal Health Care Legislation!!!

The Health Care System we have in place now is not perfect; in fact it needs to be reformed. But putting health care in the hands of the government with all of its inefficiencies is not the answer. I am deeply concerned by proposed government-run health care reform legislation and am voicing my opposition to it.

After millions of Americans made their voices clear in summer "tea parties" and town halls and again in last week's elections, The United States House of Representatives voted in support of their own agenda & not that of the constituents.

I cannot, and will not, support government-run health care; nor will I support any elected official who supports government-run health care.

As my elected official, I urge you to use the full influence of your office to firmly reject all government-run health care bills currently being discussed and to boldly stand alongside the majority of America’s citizens.


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