Don't Count On My Vote

 Don’t Count On My Vote

The idea for the “Don’t Count On My Vote” wrist bands came about while watching the news about the recent Town Hall Meetings held across the Country. I wondered why our representatives were not holding any meetings in our neighborhood. People attending the meetings are being referred to as “Angry Mobs”.

We do not get a vote on any of the important decisions that are being made for us. I want to have a say, I want to have my voice heard. I have written to my Federal & State Representatives to express my opinion many times on various issues. My efforts were ineffective. If I received any response at all it was “canned rhetoric” reciting their opinion.

I felt we needed to find another way to reach our elected officials so they would hear us & more importantly listen to what we had to say. Thus, the idea for the “Don’t Count On My Vote” wrist bands came about. Although originally inspired by the Health Care crisis, the wrist bands can be sent to your elected officials in regards to any issue that you feel is important & should not be ignored.

Order your pair of wrist bands now. One for you to wear ~ the other to send to one of your elected officials in Washington ~ President Obama ~ Your Senators ~ Your Congressman(s). Drop it in an envelope along with a quick note telling them why they should not be counting on your vote in the next election.

Contact Your Representative   Contact your Senators   Contact The White House      

Letters to President Obama

Contact us if you would like to post a copy of your letter(s) on the site along with any comments or questions.                                       

Click on the Buy Now Button to purchase 2 wrist bands for $3.00 plus $1.95 for Shipping & Handling thru Pay Pal.

Thank you for your order!!!

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